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Maintenance & Remodeling

We are committed to make it right.

Our Story

When we started out in Property Management, our greatest headaches were caused by contractors who rarely ever performed as expected. The majority of our frustrations with contractors could be summarized in these: 

• Not showing up on time.   

• Shoddy work .

• Overselling on unnecessary repairs (especially with HVAC).

• Not completing the work .

• Not responding to emergencies .

• Being unprofessional . 

Eventually we reached the conclusion of the old adage that says “if you want something done right, do it yourself” and so SPI Maintenance and Remodeling was born.   

Our Process

Our mission is to become real estate investors' trusted maintenance, repairs, and remodeling contractor in the Charlotte area.To provide the solutions that real estate investors need to best service their properties and maximize their profitability. 

We strive daily to respond in a proactive and competitive manner, allowing us to use the available resources in the most productive ways and therefore provide great value to our clients.  

Our business model is built on providing a flat-fee maintenance program for investors as well as a transparent, affordable, yet quality repairs and remodeling service based on an hourly fee.  

It's what we do. Property servicing at its Best.

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Our expertise in the renovation business has taken us so far out.