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SPI Development

Reimagine. Repurpose. Revitalize.

Bringing People together. Making things happen.

Bold ideas inspire social and financial progress.  SPI possesses the experience, partnerships, and steadfastness to bring those ideas into reality.

Community Minded, Entrepreneurial Spirit

Redeveloping a fatigued environment has the potential to generate financial and social opportunities.  SPI believes that Developers have a moral obligation is to inspire such opportunities. 

Catalytic Development

Inspiring change requires thinking differently.  SPI is founded on creative solutions to common problems in the real estate industry.  A unique perspective and forward-thinking vision distinguishes SPI from traditional developers. 

Inclusive. Integrated. International.

SPI is a diverse group of individuals, inspired by our vision and commitment to excellence. We believe in meritocracy, inclusivity and opportunity. As a minority and woman owned business, we are committed to empowering our partners and associates to grow together and achieve their full potential.

Current Projects

Charlotte Crown @ Eastland 

An ambitious reinvention of this former Charlotte icon, The Charlotte Crown at Eastland is on it's way. Stay tuned for details.

Want to Collaborate?

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