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Compensation Structure

An effective way to Invest

Turn Key Services

Entry Fee: 2% of the investment amount.

Representation and Asset Management: 20% of Net Monthly Income, after expenses.

Sale: 5% Broker Commission + 20% of Net Gain after expenses including commission and other closing costs, but not including Income Tax.

Services: Full client representation in everything related t the investment, including: LLC Creation, Bank accounts; Search, Selection, Acquisition, Management and Sale of the Assets, according to the Client’s stated objectives. Deducted expenses do not include State or Federal Income Tax.

One-Time Representation for Acquisition

Fee: 3% of the investment amounts (for amounts ≥ US$1,000,000 (5% < US$1,000,000).

Representation of the client in the asset selection, negotiation and acquisition, including setting up of LLC and Bank accounts. Once the asset has been purchased our services are finished.

In either Service, SPI’s main function is the exclusive representation of our client. We will hire professionals, such as brokers, accountants, attorneys, and others as necessary, but our only loyalty, and our fiduciary responsibility is for our Client.

Specific Investment Opportunity (Finders Fee)

Our extensive network allows us to be privy to off-market exceptional investment opportunities. These could be through Debt Acquisition, Private Equity, LPs, Funds, etc.

Finders fee: 1% of the total investment amount for amounts ≥ US$1,000,000 (2% < US $500,000).